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Production Policies

Bell’s Powder Coating Production Policies
As of February 6, 2015



Every shipment should be accompanied by a signed purchase order, which should include the following information:


  • Customer name, shipping address, billing address, and telephone number

  • Purchase order number and date

  • Quantity required

  • Part number, revision level, and complete description

  • Quoted price for each item


Please reference Bell’s original quotation number whenever possible so that we may verify your order and process it without delay.



New items not previously quoted must first be submitted to a Bell’s sales representative. Please forward a sample part or drawing along with part numbers, coating specifications, quantities, and date the finished work is required. New items included with a shipment should be clearly tagged and identified on the accompanying paperwork to expedite pricing.


Each customer is assigned a customer service representative who will be responsible for providing order status, delivery information, and all day-to-day inquiries regarding normal orders.


While no job is too small, all jobs are subject to a minimum charge for each coat required. Bell’s Powder Coating may combine smaller orders by color to maintain factory efficiency. Different parts of the same color may be combined to achieve the minimum charge.


If an unusually short delivery time is required, Bell’s may request an additional expediting charge in order to adjust our production schedule to fulfill the requirement. We cannot guarantee that this option will always be available due to our other customer commitments. Please contact your customer service representative for more information.


All incoming shipments should be packaged to prevent scratches or any other condition that could cause rejection. Bell’s uses best practices and materials to protect parts after coating but cannot accept liability for part damage due to improper packaging or shipping. Special methods, containers, cartons, or other materials (except for kraft paper) must be supplied by the customer.


Bell’s will make every effort to maintain the proper inventory levels to meet your production needs. Communication with our customer service representatives is crucial to this effort. We strongly encourage prior notification of upcoming jobs to ensure that minimum inventory levels and appropriate reorder points are established.


Our powder suppliers typically offer several stock powders that are available in 3 to 5 working days. Please contact your customer service representative for a current inventory of our stock powders.


Should a custom powder be required, the customer is expected to purchase enough powder for its production runs, plus 50 pounds for hopper powder. The quoted price will subsequently reflect no material cost for powder. A lead time of 4-to-6 weeks is required for custom powders.


If Bell’s Powder Coating is asked to special order a powder, the customer will be asked to sign a commitment letter acknowledging their financial responsibility for the powder should the job end for any reason.


The charges for stripping/sandblasting a coating previously applied by Bell’s or any other source will be priced separately on our quote. The cost of any secondary operations made necessary as a result of the stripping operation will also be charged separately. We cannot strip chrome or customer product that is not to be recoated by Bell’s.


Finished products are thoroughly inspected to insure they meet the standards specified in your request for quotation.


Bell’s cannot accept liability for the cost of the part(s) being coated. In the unlikely event that damage of any kind is incurred, Bell’s liability is strictly limited to the value added of our powder coating service.


All outbound freight is F.O.B. North Attleborough, MA. Our truck is available for local pickups and deliveries at a nominal cost. Please contact your customer service representative to discuss your freight needs. All incoming shipments must be prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted. We recommend orders exceed your minimum required quantity by about 3%. All orders are considered complete when a minimum of 97% of the order has been coated and shipped. Bell’s accepts no responsibility for defects related to coating pre-painted or pre-finished materials.


All claims or requests for adjustments must be made within 30 days of receipt of your order.
Items being returned for recoating are to be accompanied by a listing of the date, invoice number, and purchase order number for the original order. These items will be given priority scheduling for the shortest possible turnaround time.

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