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Powder Coating 101

What does Powder Coating really mean?

Many times people will ask me what do I do for work. I tell them that I sell Powder Coating.

Nine out ten times I get a crazy look on their faces with the question what is that? My usual

answer to explain it in the easiest way to understand is to say that it is the opposite of wet paint

which normally would go on metal parts. Depending on the audience I would further explain.

So what is Powder Coating really? Here are the basics:

Powder coating is a paint in powder form, instead of liquid form, however one of the main

purposes of powder coating is to protect, but it definitely helps with looks as well. It adheres to

the surface after applying an electrostatic charge to the part you are going to paint. It is on the

similar idea of if you rubbed a balloon on your hair, and I spray you with some powder coating,

you will be ready to go in the oven! Ok maybe not, but that is the idea. The powder will stick to

your head, because it has an electrostatic charge.

As regular paint, there are lots of colors to choose from! Just the way that regular paint comes in latex, acrylic, oil based, water based, etc… powder coating has different chemistry as well

which included epoxy, acrylic, hybrid, polyester, polyurethane, etc. It also has different finishes,

regular paint has the satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss etc. Well, powder coating could be: high gloss, semi-gloss, matte, semi matte, it could have textures like vein texture or hammered texture, etc.

The powder coating is applied with a gun, which is which has a positive charge, and air goes thru it the gun it draws powder That is drawn to the negative which is the part itself.

It is mainly used to coat metals, as the electrostatic charge is very easy to achieve and also it

resists the high curing temperature. Then you put the sprayed part in an oven at approximately

365 degrees temperature for about 15 minutes so it cures (bakes, gets hard).

You now have a painted surface. But more than just painted, you have a protected piece. It will

protect against, rust and weather. Some powder chemistries are better for outdoors, or for high

humidity environments or some are just good enough for indoors, etc.

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